SQL Schema Explorer by Tim Abell

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Hey there!

I know you're skilled with databases but time is tight on the project and getting to know the database is time not shipping.

I want to help, so I've built a new tool called Sql Schema Explorer which helps you understand a database faster than ever.

It's not quite like any of the other tools out there. You use it through your browser, but it runs locally so you don't have to worry about your data escaping to the internet. When you need to know what foreign keys a table has it's just one click in your browser, you can even click through related rows of data to see how everything fits together.

There's a free trial with no missing features so you can try it out on your own machine with the database you are working on. There's no obligation to buy and no credit card required to try it. All I'm asking for is your feedback. Once you've fallen in love with it it's a small yearly cost to add it to your arsenal of SQL tools that make you the pro you are.

I think you should definitely try out Sql Schema Explorer with one of your own databases, I think you'll wish you'd had it years ago.

~ Tim

How it works

SQL Schema Explorer creates a dynamic website visible only to you that gives you effortless access to the tables, relationships and data in your database.

Simply download SQL Schema Explorer, run it on your pc and connect it to any database.

See it in action


Database Overview

Screenshot of table listing

Table Details and Data

Screenshot of table details

Guided Tour

Try it online

Live Demo Site

The demo site is running the real SQL Schema Explorer software that you would run on your own machine with your own database.


This is freaking awesome, this'll make learning this schema SOOO much easier.
~ Andy Brook, Software Solutions Architect & SQL Database Specialist, Canada
With schema explorer I will be able to get new team members up to speed with our schema and data models so much faster. All I have to do is give them this, no need for them to connect an IDE or studio.
~ Stephen Rhyne, Co-founder of conveyour.com

Free trial download

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Single user: £49/year, unlimited databases for local use. Community support.

Server instance: £49/year per database. Community support.

Team license: get in touch.

Paid support options: get in touch.


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Email: sse@timwise.co.uk - feedback welcome!

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