SQL Schema Explorer by Tim Abell

Schema, relationships & data in your browser.
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How it works

SQL Schema Explorer creates a dynamic website visible only to you that gives you effortless access to the tables, relationships and data in your database.

Simply download SQL Schema Explorer, run it on your pc and connect it to any database.

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Database Overview

Screenshot of table listing

Table Details and Data

Screenshot of table details

Guided Tour

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Live Demo Site

This will let you try out a real version of SQL Schema Explorer configured to listen on the internet (it normally just listens locally), running in docker and connected to an Azure Sql Server with the AdventureWorksLT example database.


This is freaking awesome, this'll make learning this schema SOOO much easier.
~ Andy Brook, Software Solutions Architect & SQL Database Specialist, Canada
With schema explorer I will be able to get new team members up to speed with our schema and data models so much faster. All I have to do is give them this, no need for them to connect an IDE or studio.
~ Stephen Rhyne, Co-founder of conveyour.com

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There are limited trial downloads available to people willing to help shape the product during these early stages before I launch to a wider audience.

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If you work with databases and are always looking to improve things then I'd love to hear what would make your life easier.

Sign up and help me shape the product into something amazing for everybody. I'd love to screenshare and help you get connected to your first database. I think you'll find it pretty magical once you've clicked around a database you know.


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To be confirmed once Beta testing is completed. Currently considering the £49/year mark. In the meantime take advantage of the extended free trial period currently available by signing up while I'm looking for early feedback.


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Email: sse@timwise.co.uk - feedback welcome!

Contribute to the direction of the product on the public product roadmap.