SQL Schema Explorer by Tim Abell

A new tool for your SQL toolbox. If you are a developer or DBA who spends a lot of time with relational databases then this tool will make your life easier and more fun!

Once you have seen schema explorer bring your own database to life you'll never want to be without it again!

Live Demo

Demo Video

Easy setup

  1. Download the schema explorer onto your computer or server.
  2. Connect to your database.
  3. Start browsing your schema and data.

Easy usage

  1. Open the generated homepage to view information about your database schema, a relationship diagram and the list of tables.
  2. Click a table in the diagram or table list to navigate to that table, you will then see:
    • Column definitions.
    • Foreign keys, including inbound keys.
    • The first 100 rows of data, with inbound/outbound foreign keys available as hyperlinked data.
  3. Click on tables in the relationship diagram to jump to the chosen table, repeat until you have a feel for how everything connects.
  4. Click the hyperlinked data to jump to the exact matching rows in related tables, repeat across many foreign keys until you've answered your question.
  5. Use the full power of the browser to:
    • Keep related information open in multiple tabs and windows.
    • Copy-paste into email.
    • Print for offline discussion.
    • Share deep-links with your colleagues.


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Table listing (homepage of generated site)

Screenshot of table listing

Table details and data

Screenshot of table details

About Me

Hi, I'm Tim Abell. I've worked as a professional programmer focussing on Microsoft ASP and SQL Server for the last 17 years. You can find out more about me at timwise.co.uk.